Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A blind man walks;
to where, he cannot know.

In the dark, his foot hits something: a step.
He trips, we laugh.
The fool; he should be more careful.

On the ground, he feels around him.
He feels another step,
above the first.
And now he’s on his feet,
He climbs it.

Where to now? He finds another step up,
and another, and another, and many more.
Blindly, he climbs the staircase.

And now he’s come a long way,
blind, in the dark.
The next step is in the wrong place;
he trips – what a clumsy oaf he is.
We laugh.

As he lands, his blindfold slips off:
he can see.
Nobody will ever again see as his virgin eyes do.

He’s come so far;
He's approaching the clouds.
Above him, the staircase fades into mist –
– where does it lead?

Up he goes,
into the heavens.

He is still climbing,
he has come so far.
The clouds have yet to stop,
he cannot see far ahead.

But he’s seen so much,
that the blind,
on the ground,
those fools,
those oafs,
may cease to laugh.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Cure are just wonderful... and the album Disintegration is freaking brilliant.