Saturday, March 20, 2010

I don't respect your views

I have been very busy lately. The exchange of emails between me and Shoe Clinic finished with this:

Thanks for your feedback.

I respect your own personal  views with regard to Power Balance but from my own personal experience I have no negative thoughts on them.

From the people who wear the product or who decide to try it I believe it is their choice to make their own decision.

Kindest Regards

I'm not going to send a reply, because I have nothing polite left to say. All I have left to say, is something that I will write down here, to vent.

If you ever, for any reason, disagree with me, people, I don't want you to say "I respect your views," like the feeble-minded nobody who wrote that email above. I don't care if you respect my views. I care whether you agree with me or not. If you agree with my views, great, let's drink, or whatever. If you don't, then tell me that I am wrong! Explain it! Argue it! Or, if you can't be bothered, like this guy can't be, then tell me that you're not interested, or totally ignore me, or whatever. Just, please, don't be so patronising as to tell me you respect my view. I am not interested.

And the chances are, I don't respect your view. Your view that plastic bracelets affect the functioning of the human body is WRONG. Your view that ghosts are real is WRONG. Your view that you have a personal relationship with Jesus is WRONG. See, look, I don't even have enough respect for your view there, if you believe one of those, to say "I think your view that you have a personal relationship with Jesus is WRONG." I have no respect for nonsense.

The only respect I have here, is respect for your right to hold these WRONG views. Intellectual freedom is something I hold in high regard - the "marketplace of ideas" and so on. I respect your right to believe anything - but unless I agree with you, I will not respect your choice to do so. I am not sorry.

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