Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am aware that I need to give an update about how I'm going now I'm away from family and friends in Christchurch. I shall post it here, because, hey, it's my blog, that's vaguely what this is for.

 Well, I've been in Dunedin a few weeks now, and the flat is going, running smoothly. My room is still a total mess (I have one set of drawers, which fit most of the clothes I wear often, and none of the rest. The rest are in plastic bags, strewn around the floor. One of these days, I intend to give it all a sort out. The rest of the flat is more organised!

Anyway... uni started on Monday. My schedule this year consists of four maths papers, three physics papers, and an electronics paper - basically the standard 2nd year physics course with an extra maths paper (Discrete) added because I enjoyed the discrete maths we did in first year (which means I have a full 2nd year maths schedule too).

Our flat, henceforward to be referred to as Islington Manor (which I christened it on account of no-one else thinking of anything) is a long way from uni, but the Science II building is on the near side of the uni to us, exactly 20 minutes' walk, which frankly isn't that bad, and I walk through the Gardens every day so it's a nice walk too (after the Gardens we get a daily tour of good old Castle Street).

The current plan for the future is pretty straightforward: go to lectures, knuckle down and make sure I understand what we're being taught. I want to be able to keep my fitness stable, and not be too cold (feeling it already some nights. We will definitely need to use the heat pump some time this year...

And because I like being arbitrarily negative and complaining about things, here is a list of 10 things that are annoying me at the moment:

1) I can't find my keys
2) Our fridge is too small
3) Our oven is too old
4) My window doesn't open
5) Mornings are freezing at this end of the house
6) My doorhandle is crap
7) I lost my favourite hoody at the uni
8) Textbooks are a pain in the posterier, especially when I have three for PHSI231
9) People's heads got in my way in Calculus today (even though I am tall); I must find a seat at the front of the classroom next time.
10) Fussy eaters. Sigh.

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